Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ask and You Shall Receive, Colombano Update

A few days after I posed the question of what was going on with the Wizards and Eloy Colombano, I find out today that his signing is expected to be announced later today. It's taken them a while to get this done, but Colombano will apparently be ready to play next Sunday when the Wizards take on New England. Colombano will be classified as a Youth International under MLS rules.

We'll see how much playing time he gets once he joins the team. The question is, is he good enough to start up top with Eddie Johnson? If so, who from the midfield drops to the bench to make room for him? Honestly right now I'd drop Harrington for a few games, he seems to have hit a wall and is struggling a bit now. If not him than Sasha Victorine may be the odd man out.

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