Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Break From Games Without Much News

Since the game last Thursday against New England, the Wizards haven't had a game. There hasn't been much news to talk about. The only really interesting thing that's come out lately, was 2 days ago, when this article came out in the Denver Post discussing the injury to Rapids midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy. Ballouchy, you'll remember was the guy that elbow Sasha Victorine in the match at Arrowhead, the elbow got him a 2 game suspension from the league.

Ballouchy says in the article that he was already in the air. My question is, then why does your elbow come out as you're in the air? In the replay you see his elbow come out further as he's in the air.

"It looks worse on video than it actually was in the game." Is his specific quote on the incident. Yeah it looks worse on the video cause it slowed down, but it doesn't look much worse. As has been said before, if Andy Herron got 4 games for his elbow on Jay Heaps, Ballouchy deserved just as much for his elbow.

This weeks pregame article will be up earlier this week, since I have a wedding to go to this weekend.

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