Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lottery for U-17 Player

Israel Sesay has signed with MLS, and will be put into a weighted lottery to decide what team he will be going to. Sesay, a forward, is a U-17 resident at the Bradenton Academy in Florida. He was not selected for the US U-17 team for the ongoing U-17 World Cup due to questions about his citizenship.

As always with these lotteries, it's a question of how the weighted lottery is gonna be weighted. According to a post by scaryice, the publisher of the Climbing the Ladder blog, on bigsoccer it will be weighted by record over the last 32 games. Due to Columbus winning the Robbie Rogers lottery, and the player benefits TFC has already gotten this season, both of them are not in the lottery. KC has the 4th most likely chance of getting Sesay after RSL, CO, and LA. Below are the full results, that I've had verified by the latest entry at Climbing the Ladder. You can find links to where the rules came here.

  1. RSL - 35 points
  2. CO - 34 points plus 4 bonus points - 38 points
  3. LA - 41 points
  4. KC - 46 points
  5. DC - 44 points plus 4 bonus points - 48 points
  6. Chi - 48 points plus 2 bonus points - 50 points
  7. NY - 48 points plus 2 bonus points - 50 points
  8. FCD - 49 points plus 2 bonus points - 51 points
  9. Chv - 49 points plus 2 bonus points - 51 points
  10. Hou - 48 points plus 8 bonus points - 56 points
  11. NE - 59 points plus 6 bonus points - 65 points
So RSL has the best chance of getting Sesay, while NE has the least likely chance to land him.

We'll see how the lottery goes, Sesay looks like a fairly decent player, with quite a bit of upside. He likely wouldn't see much playing time this season but would be a good addition for the future.

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