Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lazy Second Half Burns Wizards

On ESPN2 tonight, the Wizards laid an egg in the second half, allowing New England to get their first win at home against KC since 1999, 2-0 on goals by Pat Noonan and Adam Cristman. The Wizards came out strong in the first half, controlling possession and creating some good shots. Carlos Marinelli hit the post on a deflected shot in KC's best chance of the half. New England also had their chances, forcing Kevin Hartman to make some very nice saves to keep the score level at zero.

The Wizards, though, came out flat in the second half. They didn't look like the same team, they were slow and their passes were to no one. New England finally capitalized in the 55th minute when Noonan scored after a cross was headed back across goal by Taylor Twellman. The Wizards were getting the majority of possession in New England's half, but were unable to get anything out of it. Ten corners now give the Wizards 109 on the season, they've scored on ZERO of them. With a guy like Jimmy Conrad up on corners, you would expect the Wizards to get a goal sometime off a corner. New England's second goal came in stoppage time in the second half as the Wizards pushed numbers forward looking for the equalizer. Overall, the Wizards played poorly, Eddie Johnson was almost invisible on the field for most of the game, Michael Harrington seems to have hit a wall in his rookie season and looks like he needs a game off just to refocus. The Wizards have 17 days before their next game on the 19th against this same Revolution side in KC.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Avery John - NE - Shut down KC's attack, especially Eddie Johnson, who burned NE for a hattrick last time the two team's met.
2. Kevin Hartman - KC - Earned his pay check tonight making some good saves early on to keep the score at 0-0. Little he could have done on either of the goals.
3. Pat Noonan - NE - Had NE's best chances all game and was finally able to convert one in the second half for the game winner.


BK said...

I'm sorry to say this KC fans, but you should have wished EJ on to Derby.

I have NEVER, in my life, seen a lazier player. Go back and watch how many runs/moves forward/defensive pressures Eddie pulled out all night. I bet you it's less than 5. There were at least 3 times the ball was passed to his feet, he didn't move towards it, and someone stepped right in front and took it. Then, towards the end of the game, he just stopped running completely.

Absolutely horrendous. I just find it amazing that people can actually say he's a good striker.

Mike said...

so he has 1 bad game and we should have wished he went to Derby? I'd say 12 goals this season says otherwise, players are going to have bad games every now and then. I'm still very happy that Eddie stayed here.

Anonymous said...

EJ's had 2 bad games at this point. It seems like just as the transfer rumors started pouring in, he decided he didn't have to try anymore. It's a shame that Sealy hasn't regained his past form, because the Wiz are in a tight spot without a motivated EJ. Arnaud just isn't a high-volume goal scorer.

Jameson said...

I think these comments sum it up - when EJ has a bad night, there's not a lot of depth on the bench to pull in. I've never been impressed with Sealy. Has he had a good game in a year?

Unknown said...

Sealy had a good game to open the season, had a goal and an assist in DC to open the season, then got hurt in the Open Cup game against RSL and hasn't been able to fully come back since.