Friday, August 24, 2007

Can Wizards Take 2 From Chicago?

Tomorrow the Wizards are going to try and do something they've only done twice. That's take points off Chicago in Chicago. The Wizards have a win and a draw in Chicago and a bunch of losses. Both of those results came in 2005. The Wizards will try to get their third result ever in Chicago tomorrow, as the Wizards have the return leg of their home-home this week with the Fire.

Both teams will be missing players due to suspension, but the Wizards will probably suffer the most, as they will be without Jose Burciaga Jr., who played a part in all 3 Wizards goals Wednesday night. With Burciaga out, it likely means Michael Harrington returns to the starting 11 to take over the left back spot, although Ryan Raybould who started Wednesday could move from the right side to the left.
Jewsbury - Conrad - Garcia - Harrington
Arnaud - Marinelli - Victorine
Sealy - Johnson

As I mentioned earlier, the Wizards have earned a whole 4 points in Chicago over the course of their entire history. Unfortunately I don't see that changing tomorrow night. I think the Fire will take the split of the home-home.

KC - 1 (Johnson)
Chicago - 2 (Blanco, Rolfe)

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