Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Disgusting and Pathetic

That is the sound of any hopes the Wizards had of winning MLS Cup going out the window. It's also likely the sound of the Wizards hopes of ending their two year playoff drought leaving as well.

A 3-1 loss to Real Salt Lake. REAL SALT LAKE!!!

A goal inside the first minute by RSL set the tone for the game. Even though the Wizards were able to dominate possession for the most part after that, the Wizards weren't able to get any chances that really threatened the Salt Lake goal. A bad pass lead to another Salt Lake goal to put them up 2-0 before half time was even reached.

In the second half, the Wizards started brightly, especially with the insertion of the Eloy Colombano. The Wizards were finally able to take advantage of that in the 69th minute, but it took a moment of brilliance from Eddie Johnson, who turned on a half volley and caught Nick Rimando off guard to pull the Wizards back to 2-1.

In the 85th minute, though, Andy Williams caught Kevin Hartman off his line and scored from about midfield to probably end the Wizards hopes of the playoffs.

This game was just bad, the Wizards high powered attacking offense looks anemic, and predictable. The crossing is shit, as are the set pieces. The early goal the Wizards allowed not only has to fall on the players for coming out flat, but on the coaching staff as well for not having this team ready to play tonight.

Kurt Morsink should not be starting, I don't even think he should be seeing the field. What has Yura done to be pushed behind Ryan Pore? Why is Colombano not starting? Why is Tyson Wahl starting? Why is Carlos Marinelli on the right? He doesn't play defense, and leaving him on the wing left Ryan Raybould exposed way to much on the right.

Tonight the Wizards allowed the first goal for the 16th time this season (counting the 2-1 US Open Cup loss earlier this season). That's 16 of the 23 games that we've allowed the first goal, almost 70% of the time. That's a major problem, it doesn't matter that they are "the best team in the league when a goal down." Seventy percent is WAY too much.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Fabian Espindola - RSL - Scored a screamer for Salt Lake's second goal, and gave Raybould trouble all night.
2. Matias Mantilla - RSL - Except for Johnson's shot out of no where he helped to completely shut down the Wizards offense.
3. Eloy Colombano - KC - When he came on in the second half, he actually gave KC a decent scoring chance. He deserves a start.


Unknown said...

My favorite soccer saying is "El que nos los hace, los ve hacer." "The one that does not score, watches the other one score."

Anonymous said...

Are you stupid? Morsink at least is a 2 dimensional player; Marinelli can move the ball and once in a while pass it after driblling 3 or 4. Morsink can attack and defend.

Unknown said...

Calling me stupid, that's a great way to get someone to take your opinion seriously. I haven't seen Morsink add anything to the attack all season. And his defense is average at best.

Guess what, Preki was a one dimensional player too, and that certainly didn't hurt him.

My opinion still hasn't changed on Morsink, he's definitely not a starter. I'd rank Arnaud, Zavagnin, Harrington, Marinelli, Colombano & Victorine all ahead of him.