Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TIF Date for Bannister

I don't remember saying this in any of my other entries on Bannister Mall, so I will be posting it now. I found out today that the TIF meeting to discuss Lane4's plan for the mall, involving a stadium for the Wizards is to be held on September 12. It gives a bit of a doom and gloom approach to the area if this TIF doesn't go through, saying that this could be that areas last shot in some of our lifetimes, but overall gives many good points on the possible redevelopment of the area. The main road block right now is Mayor Funkhouser, who has said that he wants the TIF process reexamined before he approves of any new TIFs. As the article says, though, the Wizards do have other locations and if the city doesn't have their act together, they'll lose this chance.

On another note about Bannister, I was out there this past weekend on business, and man is that place really empty. It's the first time that I've been out there since well before the Walmart closed. It's almost completely deserted out there. I'm surprised that a store like the Family Christian Book Store hasn't moved out to Summit Crossing yet. It's just in a sad stat out there, and something needs to be done, hopefully it's a stadium for the Wizards.

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