Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wizards Stadium Announcement Coming?

It looks like the Wizards might be announcing some very big news some time in the next month or so. The Pete Grathoff had news on both the Wizards temporary location and news on a permanent home for the Wizards. As mentioned earlier in this blog, the Wizards are apparently looking at playing at Community America Bank Ballpark, where the T-Bones play. The rumor which I didn't put a lot of faith in at first, due to the source, Kevin Keitzman, not knowing a lot about soccer. The continued news of this rumor and the quotes in the article from the anonymous Wizards staff member and the T-Bones GM make this seem like there is a lot more legs to this rumor then I had originally thought there was. I'm still not sure I like the location of the facility, maybe it's for selfish reasons because of where I live, but I just don't like the idea of driving all the way to the other side of the Metro for the game. I'll make the trip either way, but there are a lot of people in Eastern Jackson County that I'm sure won't make that trip.

The other big news in the article is that before the game on the 27th, the Wizards are hoping to have plans for their Soccer Specific Stadium sewn up. The date for the public meeting on the Bannister location is coming up on the 12th of September. If Lane4 is given the go ahead and TIF funds to help redevelop the Bannister area, the Wizards could very well have started at least demolition at the future site of Bannister Road (Yes I've given the stadium that hasn't even been built yet a name.). Either way the continued developments in this situation make it more and more likely that the Wizards will be in KC for the long term.


Anonymous said...

Playing soccer in a minor league baseball park? Embarassing. Move Kansas City!

Mike said...

Because it's so much less embarassing than Dallas playing at a high school stadium, or Chicago playing at a NCAA division 3 school.

Anonymous said...

while I'd prefer to not play at a minor league baseball park, I think only the assholes now are out saying "move KC". Obviously you are a just an idiot. You have no clue what going on here.