Sunday, October 07, 2012

What We Want to Happen Today 10/7

Yesterday's results really didn't go the way that most Sporting fans would have wanted them to go to make things easier for them, but it just means that KC has to take care of their own business today.  Along with the Sporting KC game, there are 2 more league games today.  They both have some minimal impact on Sporting, but there is a little bit to look at.

Dallas at Chivas
What we want to happen - doesn't matter

This game really doesn't have any effect on Sporting KC.  Chivas is already eliminated from the playoffs, and Dallas is currently in 6th place in the West trying to work themselves into the 5th and final playoff spot.  Their run of form has been fantastic lately, but even if they make the playoffs, their path to the finals (where they'd still play on the road) is enough for me to not really worry about.

Portland at Seattle
What we want to happen - Portland win

A Portland win will leave Seattle 9 points back of KC with 3 games to play (if KC loses to the Crew since they play first today).  So a win by Portland all but guarantees that Seattle won't be able to pass KC for potential MLS Cup final hosting.  Plus who doesn't like watching Seattle lose, and watching them do it at home in front of about 66,000 of their own fans is a bonus?

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