Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wigan Close to Signing Espinoza?

Sporting KC midfielder Roger Espinoza has been a transfer target of multiple teams after his stellar performance in the Olympics this summer.  There was no move made during the summer window although the rumors were rampant.  With Espinoza out of contract after this season though he becomes a free agent.  And if you want to believe news out of England, Espinoza is ready to jump abroad after the season finishes.  The Daily Mail is reporting that Espinoza has agreed to sign for Wigan Athletic after the season ends. 

There is one problem with the article, but in my opinion it's semantics.  The article says that the MLS season ends next month, which isn't technically true as the season ends on December 1st.  And yes I know it's the Daily Mail, but it's certainly not been the only site to report Wigan's interest in the KC midfielder.  Most fans I think had resigned themselves to the fact that Espinoza was likely gone.  I'd fully expected his performance in the Olympics.  Only I expected it to be a Mexican league team that came calling for him, not an EPL team.  I know Robb Heineman has said that they'd do everything that they could to keep Espinoza, and I do believe they will do everything in their power to keep him here, but that's not always enough.

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