Saturday, October 20, 2012

What We Need to Happen Today 10/20

The penultimate weekend of the MLS regular season starts today with 6 games, including Sporting vs New York.  There's still plenty to be decided around the league so here's a look at what we want to happen in the rest of the games today.

Montreal at Toronto
What we want to happen - doesn't matter

Both teams are eliminated from the playoffs, Toronto a while ago, Montreal more recently.

Columbus at DC
What we want to happen - Columbus win

This is two fold.  First, a loss by DC (or even a draw) would mean KC is guaranteed to finish about United, clinching them at least a top 3 spot depending on how KC's game in New York goes today.  The second reason we should be wanting a Columbus win is because it puts more pressure on the Houston Dynamo, a team that KC has struggled against and I'd like to avoid facing in the playoffs.

Chicago at New England
What we want to happen - New England win

If New England can win and KC gets something positive (win or draw) out of their result with the Red Bulls, and Chicago cannot catch KC.  Combine that with the result above and KC would clinch the East with one game to play.

Philadelphia at Houston
What we want to happen - Philadelphia win

This is strictly because I don't want KC to have to play Houston in the playoffs.  Houston has been a bogey team for KC not just under Peter Vermes, but throughout KC's history.  Them not making the playoffs would mean not having to deal with Dominic Kinnear, which I wouldn't mind at all.

Colorado at Chivas
What we want to happen - doesn't matter

Both teams are out of the playoff hunt.

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per head said...

One thing for sure, When we expect that they reach to a result. Most of the time they don't do it.