Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still No Plans to Rename Livestrong Sporting Park

Yesterday, the USADA released with some information on why they'd moved forward with banning Lance Armstrong and stripping him of his Tour de France titles.  There's plenty of evidence that would seem to be fairly damning towards Armstrong's case with plenty of witness testimony, financial records, and lab results in it.  It brings back up the debate of the stadium name.  Back when the USADA originally announced the banning of Armstrong, Robb Heineman came out and stated the continued backing of the Livestrong organization and the work that they do with helping cancer survivors.

Today at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge, Heineman was again asked to comment on the new news with the information from the USADA.  Heineman again stated the good work that the organization does despite what is going on with Armstrong.  He said that the organization doesn't have their "head in the sand... but it doesn't change how we feel about the Foundation." 

So by the sounds of it, the stadium will still be Livestrong Sporting Park at least in the near future.

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Stevi said...

So when is LiveStrong as an organization going to divorce itself from Lance? That seems like an obvious solution to me. I'm sure there are heaps of money involved, but surely it would benefit the foundation to be officially disassociated from the whole mess.