Friday, August 24, 2012

Heineman Statement on Armstrong (and some Espinoza News

In a follow up to the news that came out last night regarding Lance Armstrong and him giving up his battle against the USADA, Sporting's CEO, Robb Heineman made a statement today.

Here is Robb's statement: "The naming rights partnership between our stadium and LIVESTRONG provides an opportunity to spread health and wellness messages that emphasizes the spirit of cancer survivorship. LIVESTRONG's focus is the fight against cancer and the support of 28 million people around the world affected by this disease, and we believe strongly in this mission. The statements made last night by the Lance Armstrong Foundation speak for themselves: moving forward and continuing the fight against this horrible disease."

Pretty much what I said last night, Heineman is focusing on the organization LIVESTRONG, not the person who is the main face of the organization, Armstrong.  Anyone that was expecting something more dramatic from the team on this was kidding themselves.  Especially since there is a growing number of sponsors of the LIVESTRONG organization AND Armstrong that are standing behind both of them during this time.  The largest of which are Nike and Anheuser-Busch.  So Sporting is definitely not alone in their stance at this time.

Could that stance change?  Certainly, there's plenty of time for it to change.  If the USADA makes their findings public on the reasons they are banning him for life and vacating his Tour de France titles things can certainly change, but at this time there is no reason for Sporting to make any changes.

Espinoza to Miss World Cup Qualifier due to Red Card

Roger Espinoza had a fantastic final game of the Olympics against Brazil, scoring a goal, assisting on another, being the best player on the field that including a player worth a possible $70+ million transfer, and getting a standing ovation from the neutral crowd in Newcastle.  The red card that brought about the standing ovation will cost Espinoza though.  Even though the card came in a under 23 tournament, Espinoza will miss his country's next World Cup qualifier on September 7th in Cuba.  Espinoza will be a big loss for Honduras but he'll be able to come back 4 days later when they play Cuba again in Honduras.

In other Espinoza news, all is quiet lately on the transfer front for Espinoza.  There's been no recent rumors or world that I've found on Espinoza and a potential move abroad.  That's not to say that KC hasn't gotten any offers for the midfielder, but that the team has turned them down and there's been little made public from the other club or foreign tabloids that deal more with transfer rumors.  With it a week until the European transfer deadline things could still change, but as of right now Espinoza is still a Sporting KC player.


eminer said...

Mike, I'm guessing you have seen this story (it is a long read.)

The issue with the foundation they take in lots of cash, but do very little to fund cancer research, and most people think LiveStrong help fund cancer research... I'm guessing many fans at LSP park would be applaud at the tiny amount that actually funds cancer research and at the bracelets that were handed out last year if they knew what it funded.

Nathan W Martin said...

I trust the ownership will do the right thing.

They wanted to partner with a reputable charity. The team will reevaluate its partnership and decide to keep or dump Livestrong.

A switch to another charity could be ushered in during the dark of winter.

Not ideal but irrelevant to the team on the field or me in the stands.

Shayari said...

This is a shame. He will always be a winner in my heart. There's seem to someone out there always wanting to crush someone elses accomplishment. All I can say is LEAVE HIM ALONE !!