Sunday, April 01, 2012

Exceeding Expectations

I went into yesterday's Olympic qualifying games at Livestrong Sporting Park, just looking for a little entertainment as a neutral. I ended up seeing a great game between El Salvador and Honduras and a good performance by Mexico in their win over Canada.

The opening act ended up being much better than the main event. Honduras and El Salvador kicked us off, and within a minute, Honduras was in front through Antony Lozano. The 18 year old striker who plays in Spain collected a cross and was able to get it into the corner to give Honduras the lead. El Salvador then proceeded to take the game to Honduras, but the Honduran defense held strong. On the attack, Honduras worked almost religiously through DC midfielder Andy Najar trying to add to their lead. In the 77th minute, Milton Molina tied things up with a goal that sent the El Salvador fans in the east and west stands into a frenzy.

Extra time was just as exciting, Gerson Rodas, a substitute for Honduras scored in the 101st to give Honduras a 2-1 lead. But that goal was canceled out just after the start of the second overtime period through Edwin Sanchez on a header. Rodas though had the final word, scoring a second goal in the 114th to give Honduras the win in an exciting game in front of a very boisterous crowd at LSP.

The second game didn't have near the split in the fans, as it was clear Mexico was the "home" team. The Mexicans seemed to just be toying with Canada at times. Marco Fabian gave Mexico the lead in the 20th minute and Mexico looked to be cruising. In the 31st though Canada got a life line, as Marcus Haber headed in a cross to tie the game. But that tied game only lasted a minute, as Alan Pulido scored to give Mexico a 2-1 lead. Miguel Ponce added a goal in the 59th to seal the game. A red card to Doneil Henry in the 77th ended any hopes for Canada.

In the end the under card was the more exciting match, but in the end I'm very glad I didn't skip these games.


Anonymous said...

hey I just downloaded your last 2 podcast. Are they really 5-6 hours long?

Mike said...

No they're each about an hour to hour and a half.