Friday, April 13, 2012

Closing Arguments

Below are some of the responses that I received on Twitter and in the comments of my post on the opening arguments on the question of whether Sporting KC fans are becoming cocky and over confident in the team. Seems a lot of people believe I am overreacting in ways, but there were quite a few that have agreed with me that there are fans that are starting to get over confident in the team.


The Chivas/Dallas/Columbus (to name a few) attendance woes are pathetic because they have very nice soccer specific stadiums. Two of these teams are in markets WAY bigger than KC. Yes KC's attendance has been historically poor, but our venues have been horrible. But still, I take your overall point and agree it is too early to be making a space at Livestrong for the cup.


I agree on both issues. Despite the impressive stats, anyone watching these games know that we have been on the fortunate end of several dangerous opportunities that didn't find the net for our opponents.

We might also want to give it some time before we beat our chests on attendance. We are likely still seeing a bounce just in the fact that we have a very impressive, new stadium which just so happens to have opened right as the team has become one of the best (and the most entertaining) in the league. When we are packing a stadium that is no longer considered new and when we aren't quite picking up 3 points a game at home, then we can crow.

Nathan Martin

Bless my heart: SKC fans as the new Seattle, a welcomed backhanded compliment.

Just as it is too early to award the silverware, it is too early to permanently define the fanbase. Up to this point, the excitement has been a marked improvement over fan apathy. However per your wariness, it is the responsibility of veteran fans and team management to comport themselves in a way that shows enthusiasm isn't the same as braggadocio.

As fans, I hope we take our cues from players like CJ Sapong and not petulant whiners like Benny Feilhaber.


I think ultimately we are all collectively trying to will the ball to continue rolling. We want this town to talk about this team and we are willing to hype things up a bit to do it. I think a lot of the core of this fan base grew up playing soccer, watched the team form when we were young, spent years wanting this team to mean something to this city and get covered by at least the local media, and now we are all in our 20s and 30s and able to afford things like jerseys and season tickets and we have an amazing new stadium and a great fun to watch team and are rightfully enjoying the moment after so long wondering if the team and the league would even last.


I pretty much agree with you. But I would like to point out one thing. The SKC fans are the only ones really doing the talking in this town.

The media in this area has been better about "mentioning" Sporting KC. But they still only barely talk about the best team in town before moving on to the Royals or the Chiefs. It's pretty sad when you hear two or three callers to sports talk shows talking up Sporting KC and the stadium and the show's hosts have almost nothing to add.

As a fan, I feel I must be stoked. I must hype and talk. I don't want to be like Sounders fans. I do appreciate that this great start has had some very fortunate moments. I also recognize that the team is going to go through some rough parts this season. I also know that this team hasn't even come close to playing its best. Each season is a work in progress.

So, let's shout! Our team is hot. Our team is playing great right now. And if we don't talk about them around here, no one else will.

Go Sporting!


I don't know if you are over reacting or not because I haven't spent a ton of time on facebook or twitter on this topic but I have been the one leading the BigSoccer push for redefining our expectations of this season.

To be fair to me and my ranting, I did so much earlier in the season and so far it appears that I have been correct. I did analysis on our schedule, the new workings of MLS Playoffs and came to a conclusion that this team should expect to win the Supporters Shield and by doing so should be playing the MLS Cup in KC. I honestly don't think we should win anything just because we are 5-0-0, I think a good amount of that is or could be purely luck. However I do thing over the course of 34 games we should be the best in the East, the EAST which is assumed to be pretty weak. I have never said we are the best team in the league, or that we would beat Santos or Monterrey, just simply that we should win the East and by doing so that we should win the Supporters Shield and earning home field advantage.


The soccer season, it's so long. To win the cup, the team must be hot in autumn, a very long time from now. But Kansas City is obviously a good team and I'm enjoying the winning streak.

I think fans should take pride in the home game atmosphere. But I've always thought competitiveness over attendance is unbecoming. Every city has its sports traditions, and soccer is more popular some places than others, and what is the relevance? When KC was at the ballpark and only sat 11k, it didn't stop me from enjoying the games or the Cauldron from chanting.


Seattle would say we could never be the new Seattle fans ...

I think you're slightly over reacting, but admit I'm not as wired as everybody else. I don't have a facebook account so I may not really have an idea of the extent to which our fan base is becoming the annoying "look at us" types.

I think it's safe to say that our a large portion fan base, while probably not ignorant to the sport, are very 'new'. People are excited about this new amazing thing they found and want to flaunt it. It's only natural. Of course talking about the treble at this stage is bonkers and every fan base has those guys.

But for the most part, I believe Kansas Citians are a very humble people (almost to a fault), and this will all even out come the dog days. Of course if SKC continue on to a 15+ unbeaten run, we may just have to shrug our shoulders and admit that we really are the cat's pajamas, but haven't won anything yet.


Mike- I commend you for your conservative approach. However, as a passionate and confident, not over confident fan, I see nothing wrong with be excited for things to come. If we falter and win nothing then guess what? Nothing. You hope for next season. I just think taking the conservative approach is a negative and doubful feeling towards your team's success. So instead of saying "we might" say "We will". But then again its up to you. I Believe WE WILL Win. Believe Mike. WE WILL win the Supporters Shield. WE WILL win the 2012 MLS Cup. WE WILL.

Nathan Martin

Wearing down the starters is a big risk over the season.

SKC substitutes have only played 172 minutes. The 9 other teams who have played 5 games average 276 minutes of substitute play (median of ~271).


Maybe a bit pessimistic but spot on about any room for attendance smack. Anyone doing that to Dallas fans - shut the hell up


We wont undefeated all season, but if we don't hype Sporting no one will. Let the fans be irrational until we lose. #IBelieve

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