Friday, April 27, 2012

Closing Arguments: Sporting KC vs KC Royals

Here are some responses this week to the posting I made regarding Sporting KC's success vs the KC Royals struggles.


I brought a friend to the Real Salt Lake game...he said that it was the best game day atmosphere he had ever been to and that he wanted to come back on Cinco De Mayo...

Next thing I know he starts blowing up and talking smack because of an own goal. Others did the same on the cauldron site.

While the hope for a 102 point perfect season faded away, SKC is in awesome position, especially considering the unbalanced schedule.

Please come and love the wizards, support SKC and follow...and not bring the nasty stinking thinking from the other teams


I just wish the local media would break from their programming mantra and actually talk about Sporting KC games, lineups, etc. Yeah the media are reporting, but that's it.

Hours upon hours are spent talking about a team that keeps losing. No wonder this town seems like a bunch of losers, that's all we seem to want to talk about. Yawn. Let's talk about winners.

Let's hear pre-game chatter. Let's hear half time analysis. Let's hear second guessing on substitutions and starting lineups. All that kind of talk makes sense in soccer too.

Go Sporting!


A baseball fan can't be converted into a soccer fan. But for people with interest in both sports, well its not uncommon for fans to give up on a team for a season.

In the long run, I think MLB's imbalance helps MLS in Kansas City and in most cities.

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LeaderOne said...

Sporting KC does have a great atmosphere and they are playing very well but you cheer for a team whether they are winning or losing. That is why the Royals are still talked about all the time and still will be. Sporting should get more publicity though.