Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Haitian Xavi Returns

While I was waiting for the reserve game to start yesterday, someone next to me asked who number 19 was that was warming up close to our side of the field.  It took me a minute to realize, but it was the Haitian Xavi, Peterson Joseph back in KC.  No one had really seen Joseph with the team since the team left for Arizona for that phase of preseason.  He didn't play in any of KC's preseason games and hadn't been at training either, but yesterday he was back with the team.  Joseph came into the game at half time for Luke Sassano.  Joseph didn't do too bad, but certainly looked like someone that hadn't played much competitive soccer lately. 

Today we got the story on where Joseph had been.  We'd been told he was away on personal issues, and in multiple podcasts, Thad and I have discussed it being a family issue.  We find out now that it was the passing of his mother that caused Joseph to miss the time. A family tragedy that hopefully the Haitian international can get by and work to get himself into competition for first team time.

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