Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comparing Streaks

This blog is mainly a place for news regarding Sporting Kansas City, but from time to time I like to throw in a little historical perspective in there as well.  With Toronto FC going to 0-7 over the weekend, matching the record of the Kansas City Wizards in 1999 for futility. 

So let's take a trip back through KC's history to compare Toronto's 0-7 start to Kansas City's 0-7 start in the 1999 season.  During KC's run, the Wizards scored a grab total of 2 goals, while giving up 11, for a -9 goal difference.  In fact, KC didn't score a goal until the 3rd game of the season, through Chris Brown.  Toronto on the other hand has scored 6 goals while conceding 16 for a -10 goal difference. 

The big difference between KC's 0-7 start and Toronto's 0-7 start is that in today's MLS, KC wouldn't have been 0-7.  KC drew the 4th game of the season 1-1 with San Jose and the 5th game 1-1 with Colorado, but KC lost both games in the shootout, contributing to their 0-7 record.  That really puts into perspective just what is happening for Toronto.  KC during that stretch was bad, and ended up only winning 8 games during the season.  Definitely not the thing that TFC fans want to hear.  Potential bright side?  During the 99 season, KC had their biggest win in team history, 6-0 over New York, who finished even worse than KC did.

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Anonymous said...

If there is a plus side for Toronto, it is what KC did in '00.