Monday, April 16, 2012

Athletics Qualify for US Open Cup

KC will have two teams in the US Open Cup proper for the first time, at least in the modern era. In the past Sporting KC has qualified, in 2007 when the Wizards didn't, the KC Brass did. And in 2010 when the Wizards didn't the KC Athletics did. This year, both Sporting and the Athletics have qualified for the Open Cup.

The Athletics qualified for the US Open Cup first round by defeating the Cincy Saints on Saturday night in Chicago. Last year the Athletics fell to the Iowa Menace 7-1 with only 10 players. This year the Athletics were again unfortunate to field 10 players. The good news for the Athletics though, was that the Saints only traveled 8 with them. The Athletics destroyed the 8 man Saints, winning 10-2 in the "win and you're in" match up. They ran out to a 6-0 lead at the half and never looked back. The Athletics will now enter the first round of the Open Cup on May 15th. With US Soccer usually doing a regional set up, I would not be surprised to see the Athletics take on the PDL Des Moines Menace in the first round.

KCA: Peter Kariotis – 13th minute
KCA: Chris Markey – 20th minute
KCA: Jesse Baker – 25th minute
KCA: Martin Johnston – 30th minute
KCA: Chris Markey – 36th minute
KCA: Matt Germain – 40th minute
CIN: Adam Tenhundfeld – 46th minute
CIN: Adam Tenhundfeld – 49th minute
KCA: Kyle Perkins – 50th minute
KCA: Martin Johnston – 67th minute
KCA: Steven Grow – 69th minute
KCA: Martin Johnston – 74th minute

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Anonymous said...

2 guys I went to high school with scored for the Athletics. Outstanding!