Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Want Our Cup Back

Back when I posted about my 2012 Wishes, one of the wishes was wanting to get the 2000 MLS Cup back. For those that missed it, or don't know, the 2000 MLS Cup is not in Kansas City. The cup that teams get to keep after winning MLS Cup is in Dallas at the Hunt Sports Group Headquarters in Dallas.

Since that point, I've not said much about the the trophy or built off of that comment regarding getting the trophy back. James has picked up that slack with this fantastic post regarding the situation. He's picked up my slacking off and started the process of trying to bring the cup back to Kansas City. He's set up a Facebook group, and is working on getting a group together to write cordial letters to Clark Hunt and HSG about getting our trophy back.

I hope all Sporting KC fans get involved in the process of trying to get the trophy back. The thing to remember though is sending letters bashing Hunt or HSG is not going to get the trophy back. I'm not saying to kiss their ass either, but you need to have a fair balance of the two in any letter. Just blasting them and demanding the trophy back is going to likely be met with deaf ears. If you're professional in it then you stand a better chance of getting your point across.

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