Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Trialist

Not only today did quite a few of KC's rookies and trialists finally get a good run out in one of the preseason games, there was also a new trialist that started at the forward position, replacing Bobby Convey for the last 30 minutes. KC hasn't really had many known trialists other than the 3 that stayed with the team after their week of training in KC, so it's interesting to see that we're looking at what trialists we've brought in. The trialist, John Owoeri, appears like he's already spent some time trialing in the United States. If it's the same Owoeri, he spent time last year trialing with the Columbus Crew. The Crew though did not pick up the Nigerian. And although they apparently had to expose him in the expansion draft for some reason. An article out of Nigeria made it sound like his Egyptian club, Ismaily wanted compensation if he signed another contract, although Owoeri had apparently not been getting paid by the club.

The 25 year old Owoeri has been capped by the Nigerian national team and also appeared for Nigeria in the FIFA World Youth Championships. It'll be interesting to see if KC look to add another forward to their roster.

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