Monday, February 13, 2012

Live For It

That's the campaign for Sporting KC this season, "Live for It". The team debuted their commercial last night during the Grammy Awards. The team will be advertising with the commercial (another that will debut during the season opener), along with online, outdoor, print, and radio. The team will be doing billboards around the city, the billboards will include two of Sporting KC's newest national team players, CJ Sapong and Graham Zusi. Later ads that will go up will include Matt Besler and Jimmy Nielsen.

The big conspiracy that's popped up with the announcement is the fact that Teal Bunbury is not being included in the ads. There's likely nothing in the conspiracy, but it is interesting that two guys that had been part of last year's campaign (and are still with the team) are not involved in this year's campaign as both Bunbury and Kei Kamara are not featured. Again, there is likely little to nothing to it, but it's certainly gotten plenty of people talking like it means something.

Cauldron Tickets Sell Out

The Cauldron sold out of their allotment of tickets to the home opener in about 25-30 minutes. An amazing feat for the section. I'm still absolutely amazed at the growth of the section over the past few years. Hell when I joined in 2004, only about 8 years ago, the section was 25-30 people, 100+ was a really good night. Now the section is 2000 every single game without a problem. Selling the 300 that they had tonight in a span of 30 minutes is just a huge sign of the growth.

Tickets are currently on sale for season ticket holders to get extra tickets to the first 8 games. Sporting members get their shot later this week. And Friday they go on sale to the general public.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't read too much into the absence of Teal or Kei.

Dan said...

Didn't he basically say that?