Thursday, September 01, 2011

Chivas Friendly Frustration

Today an interesting comment was posted on the KC Cauldron's Twitter account.  According to the Cauldron, Sporting KC has sold "hundreds of tickets in the members stand to Guadalajara fans".  If true (and usually if things like this aren't true the team immediately takes to Big Soccer to respond) this is just asking for problems.  There's a reason that the team has the away supporters at the opposite side of the stadium from the members club.  Even for the friendly against Newcastle the organized Newcastle fans were at the opposite side of the stadium.  Sure there was the odd fan or two in the section, but not a large number.  Bringing a large number of "away" supporters into the members club gives those few guys that are going to start shit the courage to start it because they'll have the back up of the rest of the away supporters in the section.  And it's the same thing for the home supporters in the section as there are idiots in all groups of supporters that will start trouble.  Putting this sort of situation in an enclosed area like the members stand (and it is an enclosed section, it's cut off from the rest of the stadium) is just going to be asking for trouble.  The mob mentality has a chance to take over in this stiuation. 

I already expect the stadium to be 60/40 or even 70/30 in favor of Guadalajara fans most likely, because this game is not part of the season ticket package for season ticket holders, meaning the entire stadium was open, not just about 8,000 seats.  Add that in with the fact that it's 3 days before the home finale against New York, and in the middle of the late playoff run and that leads to some KC fans not wanting to show up.  I already know quite a few people that are in the Cauldron that have already decided not to attend and I know more people have decided not to with this news coming out.

Yes this game wasn't set up for the Cauldron and Sporting KC fans.  The main thing that this game was for was as a way to make money off of supporters for Chivas Guadalajara and Omar Bravo.  Although Chivas hasn't exactly blown things away attendance wise, this will be their 5th friendly this MLS season in the US, they pulled 38,000 in San Diego vs Real Madrid, then they pulled in 16,000 in North Carolina vs Juventus, in their 3rd game they pulled in 70,000 in Miami, against the European champions Barcelona.  They play Chicago in September at Toyota Park.  While the game in Miami game was very nicely drawn you gotta wonder if that was more due to Barcelona since they drew an average of 70,000 in their 3 games compared to Chivas' 41,000 or 27,000 in the two games that didn't include the European champs. 

But because this is basically a money grab that doesn't mean that the team should be actively selling tickets in the supporter's section to Chivas Guadalajara fans.  There are plenty of SKC fans that will be showing up in the Cauldron for the game, and I'm wondering how many of them will be unaware of what they could be walking into for that game.  And this situation just has disaster written all over it.


Anonymous said...

We have not gotten tickets yet. Resent game during very last stretch. Takes energy away from REAL games. Planned to go to support MY team, unless preasured I am not taking Harold or myself into a fight.

Drew said...

There's a lot of bloggers or MLS pundits that think these friendlies are a priviledge for fans and an honour for MLS clubs. Glad you called it as it is and that's a money grab. We've already seen some SKC supporters throw trash and bobble heads on to the pitch. What happens when you have drunk supporters from both teams in the same section? You made good points.
I've always be against these friendlies especially as KC will be ending the season at this time and needs it's full strength to make a playoff push and not be tired in this season's longer playoff format. It's hard for a lot of soccer fans to see MLS as more than an exhibition when so many friendlies are held during the regular season.

Matt D. said...

I am trying to convince myself that this game will keep us sharp during the two week break in October. I'm trying. But if someone gets injured or tired, I'll be pissed. Especially since the only game I get to see in person is the DCU one at RFK.

Sean said...

All Chivas Fans have been moved out of the Members Stand and into the Away Supporters Section. Anyone coming to the Members Stand in Chivas apparel will be directed into another section. Now lets fill it up.

Stay positive and have fun said...

Ever stop to consider that they wouldnt have scheduled it then if Vermes thought it was a bad idea?

Just asking cause it does fit in a 14 day window with no game. Could be a good way to get rid of some rust before NYRB comes into town. So if Vermes is OK with it than I'm OK with it, even more, I'm going to go and enjoy it.

Resenting the game is such a waste of it too short to let those negative vibrations dominate you.