Thursday, September 29, 2011

What We Want to Happen Tonight

Another MLS game tonight with playoff implications for Sporting KC when Philadelphia and DC meet up at PPL Park tonight. As of right now, Philadelphia is 4 points back with 2 games in hand while DC is 6 points back with 3 games in hand. So with the more games in hand for both teams, it's going to be hard for KC to hold onto that top spot.

What we want to happen tonight: TIE.

A win could move Philly within a point with them still having a game in hand while DC would be only 3 points back with a win. A draw still sees both teams gain a point, but it doesn't see one team pull even closer to KC than they would with a draw. That's especially scary to think since DC is currently outside the playoffs right now even though they're only 6 back of KC.

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