Monday, September 12, 2011

Updated Salaries

The MLS Players' Union released updated player salaries today. Five players have been added to the list for Kansas City while 3 players are gone from the list. One other player has seen their salary increase.

Added to KC's salary list are Daneil Cyrus, Jeferson, Joseph Peterson, Soony Saad, and Seth Sinovic. Jeferson, KC's third ever designated player is the highest paid of the 5, with a $429,996 base salary ($484,996 guaranteed) that is prorated for the rest of this season, as are the other salaries. Cyrus and Joseph are both making $42,000 in base, although Cyrus makes $44,991.56 in guaranteed money. Saad and Sinovic both bring up the end of the scale, making $32,604. For the amount of playing time that Sinovic has played this season, he's an absolutely steal for the league minimum. Once again it just begs the question of why the Revolution waived a guy that's become an important part of the team.

Gone from the list are Stephane Auvray ($170,000.00 base, $208,125.00 guaranteed), Mike Jones ($32,604.00 base and guaranteed) and Nikos Kounenakis ( $110,004.00 base $120,004.00 guaranteed) who was a surprise to be on the list to begin with. The other interesting thing is that Ryan Smith, whose season is over, and his $140,000 base salary is still on KC's list.

Luke Sassano is the one player to see an in-season pay raise this year, increasing his salary from $42,000 to $51,600 base, $55,025 guaranteed. This game from Sassano's short term deal being extended by Sporting KC earlier this year.

With only a few games left in the season, it's interesting to look at who is underpaid/overpaid at this point. The two most obvious underpaid players on the team are CJ Sapong and Graham Zusi who both make $42,000. Zusi seems set to get a raise, possibly a new contract with one year left to go on his current deal. Sapong could also possibly see himself get a new deal with his play this season. As mentioned above Sinovic is another player that is playing well above his pay scale. Matt Besler is another that is underpaid currently making under $60,000 guaranteed.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shavar Thomas is the prototypical overpaid player on KC's roster, getting paid $160,000, that's $53,333 a game for his 3 appearances this season, or $4,571.43 per minute for his 35 minutes. One would hope that Philadelphia is still covering a portion of his salary. While Julio Cesar has done much better than I think anyone thought he would earlier this season, I'm not positive that he's worth his $210,000 base salary. That's not to say Cesar hasn't been good, I just don't think he's been THAT good.


J (KC_Gunner) said...

Have you seen anyone tally up team salary spending and put that info alongside the MLS standings and/or a chart of each team's salary $$ per points? I am curious to know where SKC falls among the league in terms of its spending -- are we relatively overperforming for our salary, about where we'd expect, or even slightly underperforming (something I'd very much doubt - it'd require us having basically the biggest wage budget in the East, which can't be true (NYRB) and greater than 3-5 teams out West too).

Rk said...

Cesar would not have gotten off the plane in kc if his salary were less than what it is. "if" he re-signs next year his pay will go up to where the team can't hide the fact that he is technically our third DP..w allocation money not counting towards dp status hes not considered a dp but am 99% sure he is getting well over what he's listed at, well over.
If any player is making more than their value on the field it's with out question Davey Arnaud. Injury aside, there is no way to justify that salary for the type of player he is. Only except that it's due to his long career and naturally his wages have gone up. Don't see him being around after this season for that kind of coin.

Dan said...

And Cesar isn't worth DP money either, doesn't matter if he wouldn't get off the plane for that or not.

And who's Davey Arnaud? Is he related to Davy Arnaud? Arnaud's not going anywhere.

price per head service said...

I was checking the salaries update out the other day and I am impressed that first the MLS reveal the salaries and second that some players earn way more than others and it's a big difference, I hope they can keep paying out