Friday, September 02, 2011

Update on Chivas Friendly

Yesterday I talked about the potential issue of Sporting KC selling tickets in the Members Stand to Chivas Guadalajara fans in the hundreds.  Today some good news and a common sense move by the Sporting KC front office.  Word from one of the leadership in the Cauldron is that the team has canceled all tickets bought in the members stand by Chivas fans and they've been reissued to the "away section".  The away section is in the southeast corner of the stadium where Chicago, Portland, DC, etc fans have been for games this season.  It certainly alleviates what could have been a volatile situation with many Chivas fans in the section.  They will also direct Chivas fans away from the section on game day.  So while my questions about the game as a whole still remain this reigns in some of my concerns about the game coming up.

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