Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday After Stats

photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Teal Bunbury dominated Sunday after stats this week.

Teal Bunbury became the all time leading scorer vs Houston with his 2 goals. He now has 3 all time vs the Dynamo.

Bunbury's first goal was the 50th of the season in all competitions for KC, it's the first time they've hit 50 goals in a season since 2005.

Bunbury's second goal was his 12th in league play for KC, tying him with Igor Simutenkov, Miklos Molnar, and Chris Henderson for 18th place on that list.

Bunbury also made his 50th league appearance for KC, he's the 43rd player to hit that mark for KC.

The red card to Carlo Costly was the 12th red card in a Sporting KC game this season, tying this year with the 1998 season for the second most red cards in a season (record is 16 in 2009).

It was also the 12th red card in all competitions, tying it with the 1998, 2001, and 2002 seasons for the second most in all competitions (2009 had 21 red cards in all competitions).


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