Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sporting Sign "Haitian Xavi"

Sporting KC have added to their depth ahead of a potential playoff run as they've signed long time trialist, Peterson Joseph.  Joseph has been trialing with the team since earlier this summer, and even played for Sporting KC in the second half of the clubs friendly against Newcastle back in July.  Joseph comes to KC after leaving Portuguese side, FC Braga.  KC apparently has agreed to a sell on fee with Braga to get the ability to sign the Haitian international.  He'd been in the Braga system since he was 17 and is still only 21 years old.  The KC team continues to get on the field, and depending on who, if anyone, they lose in the expansion draft, this could be a team built to compete for a few years.


Drew said...

You wrote: this could be a team built to compete for a few years.

Which could be true if added to as they go. But there's a debate that could definately be made and that is: Is Bunbury worth keeping around after this season or should KC trade or sell him. Trade for MLS calibre talent or sell and re-invest the money.

Sapong has out played Bunbury for all but one match this season (first Vancouver game) and has shown he is a better overall player. Bunbury needs the ball played to his feet and to create a shot while Sapong is better at being played in and running onto the ball; but unlike Bunbury Sapong can hold up the ball and bring others into the play.

I know Bunbury had a lot of hope and teams interested at the beginning of the season, so do you stick with Kamara, Sapong and Bravo as your attack and move on Bunbury for more quality defenders or midfielders...

hartley said...

So, Drew, maybe we keep Bunbury but learn how to use him better, use his skills more appropriately?

I would not want to trade away a guy who has talent and who might be having a bad sophomore year. Last year many of us were shouting to get him on the field. This year we are shouting for CJ. So, what if CJ has a bad second year? And Teal has a very good third pro year?

We need to keep these young, talented players and develop them. We need to develop our depth so we can beat the Galaxy and the Sounders and Dallas and also play Champions League and win a U.S. Open Cup.

I guess my cup is half full.