Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to LA

Kansas City heads back to LA for the second time this season and while KC doesn't look like it right now I certainly hope there's at least one more trip to LA in November. But first KC needs to pull themselves out of the funk that they are in having not won since their last trip out to LA against Chivas USA on opening day. The Galaxy are coming off a busy week where they played New York last Saturday night in LA, then flew to Philadelphia to play the Union on Wednesday before flying home. Both of those games ended in 1-1 draws. David Beckham didn't travel to Philadelphia, rested for the weekend. The other thing for LA is that they now have Juan Pablo Angel, who has scored 8 goals in his career against Kansas City. Certainly another tough test for the struggling Sporting KC back line that is still allowing over 2 goals a game.

Hopefully this performance turns out better than the last one KC had after a week off in Columbus. The defense did look stronger against New York two weeks ago, but the question is if they can do it again against another very good offensive team. The LA defense isn't as strong as New York's is, as they are averaging a goal allowed a game, which could certainly give the KC offense a boost. An interesting comment from play-by-play man Callum Williams that was posted today makes it sound like we could see some lineup changes again for KC. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same back line we saw against New York, but I could see more changes in the midfield and a change up top.

Smith - Bunbury - Kamara
Auvray - Arnaud - Rocastle
Aiyegbusi - Cesar - Collin - Harrington

Number to Remember - 3 - Straight wins for KC in LA. Two against Chivas and one against LA. KC's last three trips to LA have turned in 9 points for the Wizards.

Key Match Up - Aurelien Collin vs Juan Pablo Angel - Angel has had the seasons he has had previously, but he's still a big time Wizards killer during his time in the league and is certainly a player to keep an eye on for the back line.

PREDICTION - The team looked better against New York and I'd expect a better performance again against LA, but at this point I can't see this team winning this game. True LA is coming in on short rest while KC is well rested, but that doesn't always work in the rested team's favor, especially since it was a full week off for KC. It's certainly a tough run for KC facing two of the better teams in the league in a row. Even with the break I think LA's class will show through in this one.

KC - 0
LA - 1 (Donovan)


Nathan Martin said...

I understand the defensive pressuring that the duo of Rocastle and Auvary bring to the table. And I could see Rocastle specifically being tasked with going chest-to-chest with Beckham in order to cut down his long distributions.

On the other hand, Stojcev is a special passer of the ball. I would like to see if Smith and him could work some magic in the final third to unlock LA's defense.

The Footy Chronicles said...

I think the potential combination of Stojcev, Smith, and Bravo will be lethal later in the season.

I'd like to see Smith in the starting 11 tonight, along with Stojcev.

Anonymous said...

I want to move to Portland or Seattle. Their owners know how to run a team, their supporters know how to organize and unite, and their coaches know how to run a squad.

I wouldn't trade our players though. I'll admit that.

Rough result, even during a long road haul.

MOUFWASH said...

lol, "Stojev is a special passer of the ball"

will now ignore the rest of your posts :)