Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interest Abroad in Bunbury

In an interview with, Teal Bunbury discussed the interest in him abroad. It's the first time we've heard some information on where some potential teams interested in Bunbury are located. In the interview Bunbury talks about teams in England, Holland, Spain, Turkey, and France. Clubs from these countries have apparently come over to watch Bunbury play to scout him. In the interview Bunbury talks specifically about a Ligue 1 club that was interested in him. According to the interview it's a club that plays regularly in European competitions.

This could certainly be a blow to KC, but I don't think it's likely to happen at this time. I think KC doesn't want to sell Bunbury at this point, they want to get another year or two out of his contract before selling him abroad. The only way I see KC selling Bunbury is if the offer just blows them away. But it's interesting to think about who these clubs are. Is Stoke still in the picture? Is the French club someone like PSG or maybe Monaco? We probably won't know, but since the transfer window hasn't even opened yet it could be a summer "silly season" full of rumors.

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Anonymous said...

could be Lille who may have trouble keeping Eden Hazard this summer.