Friday, May 20, 2011

Kamara Called Up, Or Not

It looks like Sierra Leone is having some control issues when it comes to the FA and who is the head coach of the national team. Two different rosters have been named for the Leone Stars upcoming African Cup of Nations qualifier on June 4th against Niger. One coach, local coach, Christian Cole has been named coach by the Sierra Leone FA, while the other, Swede Lars Olof Mattsson was appointed by the countries sports ministry. Mattsson had coached the teams last qualifier in Niger that they lost 3-1, and was apparently only supposed to coach that one game. The sports ministry offered Mattsson a three year contract.

Kei Kamara is on Mattsson's roster for the upcoming qualifier, but not Cole's. If Mattsson's position is held, Kamara will miss the last game of the 10 game road trip in Toronto on the 4th. Of course that seems unlikely to happen. FIFA tends to not take too kindly to nations getting involved in the country's FA. In this situation FIFA is likely to side with Cole being the coach of the national team. If the country's sports ministry fights this, then Sierra Leone is likely going to be warned about a potential suspension by FIFA for tampering.

While I feel sorry for Kamara not getting the chance to represent his country, I can't say I'll be incredibly disappointed if/when FIFA step up and likely side with the FA.

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