Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday After Stats Monday Edition

A day late due to travel and a bus tire blowing on the bus on the way back to KC, but here are this week's stats. Not many this week though.

Ryan Smith's goal was the 12th road goal of the season for KC, they scored 11 all of last year.

Michael Harrington made his 110th league start, tying him with Jose Burciaga for 12th place on that list.


ty said...

julio cesar and kei kamara need to go. Kamara has not first touch, and julio cesar, who at the time was the most expierinced and most travled best resume of any free/ bosman transfer in the world, coming off the turkish first division, which is highly underrated, is just not worth over 200k, wonder if he has a release penalty built in because he just no worth it, and we could have gotten a better american defender or even lower level international for under for about 80k.

Anonymous said...

Vermes and the 4-3-3 has to go. When hired he was a well, sought after coach but this just be offered seatlles postion as theyre coach theyre expansion year, but the haing five points and being in last place in the league after not making the playoffs last year, is too much. They're are plenty of exprienced international coaches, but I know how people say they dont understand MLS, so they're plenty of American, head coaches, that would be great. Earnie Stewart, Eddie Lewis, and Claudio Reyna all have great overseas and international and MLS expierience, so they would be as good of candidates as any. We need to have our best players on the field at the same time. Although I believe a #10 is the most important position in the game, ask Spain and Barcelona, who have two in Xavi and Ineista, you need a #10 to win in MLS, as LA is proving with Donovan. But if you have a midfield setup of
Arnaud Rocastle
Sapong Smith
Burnburry Bravo
That is a pretty strong offensive group. On the wings with Harrington, and espinosa we are solid but CB is terrible, we need help. Besler is awful and shouldn't be starting and wouldnt be fr any other team in MLS, Julio Cesar as aforementioned needs to go, Shavar we got rid of once and he has been disguarded by Chivas USA, left unprotected for expansion draft, and Phillys defnse even though an expansion team, struggled. And since hes been back has had several chances and made has been inconsistent and mistake prone. Collin, despite his horrible mistake leading to the goal last weekend is still adjustusting to the league so I wouldn't throw him under the bus yet. We need another signing, international or a US player. We hae been burned by alot of international signings in the last two years and they're have been alot of them, although it has been encouragin to see that on goal has been scouting throughout the world, an international defender has to adjust to a league they are unfamilair with. Although, I don't entirely oppose an expierienced strong international defender, they are usually hit or miss and an expierenced American defender is ussually the way to go. If a player like Parkhurst or Goodsn came back to MLS they could really sure up our defense, even a NASL top defender should be looked at, as a cheap option that only has upside with nothing to lose. Also, if you;re looking for a # 10, Jose Torres has been put up for sale by the relgated Pachuca, he's young, and would be wanting and worth DP money I believe. He can control the game from the midfield, and I believe suceeding in MLS would be good for his national team career, as in Mexico they play a different style than in America, succeeding in MLS would silence some of his critics who say hes too scrawny and not physical enough.

Dan said...

Anon, Beside an inability to spell a players name correct, (it's Bunbury), you show a complete and total lack of understand about how the league works. We can't just go out and sign Parkhurst, Goodson, Torres, etc, as they are in the US Player Pool, meaning they are required to go through the allocation process, there are currently like 8 teams ahead of us in that order, no way any of those 3 would fall to us.

Have you watched much of the NASL? I have and none of those defenders are better than Besler is. And beside that I don't know what you've been watching but Besler has had a good season.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry Dano, but I do know how the league works, bud. And I;m sorry I urt your prententous feelings by spelling Bunburrys (sp?) name incorrectly. I know about the allocation process, but people trade up in the allocation process all the time, sorry you coudlnt think outside the box. Also, Parkhurst is not a US international he hasn't played enough games on the nats to be considered one, so you are wrong about that, do your research, so yes, I was right, te wiz could get him directly. Plus, I dont know what youve been watching but Besler is has been terrible, or else he wouldnt have started the most games at CB for the team for the team with the most allowed goals in the league. I gurantee you I've watched more NASL games and been to more than most, I live in St. Louis, and got season tickets for AC St. Louis games last year. Even though they were awful, theyre alot of players in that league that could easily come into MLS and have a big impact. Players like Aaron Pitchokolan of Puerto Rico, and Brad Rusin, of Carolina, who is 6-4 captains the best team in the league, could definetly play in MLS, if you have not seen Rusin, play you are missing out because he is definetly MLS quality, Also, Nevo Pizzolito of Montreal is getting old but still could play in MLS, with his good ariel ability ad expierience.

Dan said...

1. Actually Anon, Parkhurst WOULD have to go through the allocation process because he is in the US player pool. There is no games played minimum. If they are in the player pool they have to go through the allocation process.

2. KC hasn't allowed the most goals.

3. I watched as many USSF Division 2 games as I could last year, and I've watched many games this year. Pitchokolan is an MLS washout, Rusin is good but I'd still take Besler over him.

4. It's hard to take any of your opinions seriously when you refuse to learn how to spell a players name correctly.

Anonymous said...

I spellt his name wrong on purpose, the second time as a joke, its the internet, no one spells correctly, its not a big deal, people makes mistakes especailly when it comes to names. Rusin will be playing in the MLS within the next year, and starting and Besler, hes below average on the ball below average distribution, and he wouldn't start at CB for any other team in MLS. We can agree to disagree, but thats the truth.

Dan said...

Actually I can think of a few teams that he'd start for in the league right now, or at least push for a starting spot. Toronto, Vancouver, Chivas, Chicago, Houston, Columbus, New England.

You're speaking in such absolutes every time you post. You were certain that we could get Parkhurst and I proved that wrong, and now you're trying to pass your opinion that Besler wouldn't start anywhere else off as fact.