Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farm Aid and the US Open Cup Qualifier

Some news from today that affects Sporting KC and their schedule a little bit. First, today was the first concert announcement for Livestrong Sporting Park. That concert is Farm Aid, which will bring the likes of Niel Young, Willie Nelson, and the Dave Matthews Band to LiSP this summer. The date of the concert is August 13th. Besides the concert taking place at the stadium, it also affects Sporting KC in another way. KC is currently scheduled to play the Los Angeles Galaxy on August 13th at Sporting Park. So KC is going to have to reschedule that game in what is already a fairly congested part of KC's schedule as they're in the middle of KC's extended home stand. There's talk that the game will be moved from Saturday to Thursday the 11th. The other thing to remember with the LA game is that it was supposed to be on FSC on the 13th. Will it still be on the channel after that is unknown right now.

I know there are plenty of fans that are disappointed in this, but it was going to happen sooner or later. Basically all MLS teams with a soccer specific stadium have seen games moved due to concerts so it's not surprising that KC would also see a game moved. Anyone that didn't think this was going to happen eventually if not this season is incredibly short sighted. The stadium has a stage for a reason.

In other news for the upcoming US Open Cup qualifier against the Revolution, it looks like you'll want to get your ticket if you haven't already. That's because it sounds like there might not be any audio or video broadcast of the Sporting Kansas City broadcast. That's at least according to website on Twitter. It'd be the first one of MLS Open Cup qualifiers this year to not be broadcasted in some form for fans.


Christian Sinclair said...

Lots of people so far are pretty vocal about not liking the whole FarrmAID concert and the move of the game. I agree with you this was likely to happen at some point. But I don't see this as a huge problem to get too upset over. A Thursday game might get more attention across the MLS anyway compared to a logjam of Saturday games.

Anonymous said...

as a STH and a huge Dave Matthews fan, I am actually just happy to see Dave coming to KC with hopefully Tim Reynolds. If a game is moved a game is moved.

Drew said...

How much potential revenue is KC going to lose moving the game? IIn the end they'll make more on FarmAid I assume, so it's a no-brainer by the club. Unfortunately, we continue to see MLS teams give up their stadia for other purposes. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

wizards tell FSC to go fuck themselves? That I like. eh I might check out Willie & Neil.