Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Call Ups for KC

During today's weekly press conference, Peter Vermes confirmed that all 5 of the players that Sporting KC fans thought would be called up for this year's Gold Cup have in fact been called up. We'd heard that Craig Rocastle was called up yesterday, and that Roger Espinoza was available for selection. Vermes today confirmed that Rocastle and Espinoza would be joined by Stephane Auvray, Teal Bunbury, and Shavar Thomas for Guadeloupe, the US, and Jamaica respectively. The rosters won't officially be announced until probably next Monday. The tournament kicks off on June 5th, so the question will become how long those 5 remain with the team. My guess is that all 5 will depart after the game against Colorado on the 28th and the reserve game on the 29th. From that point KC will be playing with 21 rostered players.

Bunbury and Espinoza have been the only guaranteed starters when healthy this season. Rocastle and Auvray have traded time with Birahim Diop in midfield. Thomas has been a bench forward and at this time appears to be fourth on the depth chart at center back for KC. Still losing 5 guys off of our roster isn't going give great things for KC during the stretch of the Gold Cup.

The 5 are likely to miss at least 3 games, at Toronto on the 4th, the home opener against Chicago on the 9th, and Dallas on Sunday the 12th. Those that advance to the quarters will miss the 17th against San Jose. Semifinalists will miss the game in Philadelphia on the 22nd. And for any that make the finals, they'll miss KC's game against Vancouver. So players are going to miss anywhere from 3 to 6 games for KC during the Gold Cup.

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