Monday, May 02, 2011

Why It's Not Time to Panic, Yet

Five games without a win, only 4 points from the first 6 games. Not the type of start to the season that most fans were expecting heading into this season. Yes, most people thought that KC would struggle to pick up points at time, but I think the first half of the road trip is where fans saw the team picking up the majority of their points on this 10 game road trip.

Now with it half over, is it time to really be worried about this team this season? I've certainly thought that at times, especially in the heat of the moment after games. But this isn't the teams worst start in team history, that honor goes to the 1999 season. Of course that's not exactly a banner year for KC. The biggest thing to remember is that the 6 games so far have all been on the road. KC has never been a strong road team, in fact, only once has KC had a winning record after the first 6 road games of the season (2000). KC's 2011 season though is certainly one of the worse. KC is 1-4-1 through 6 games this season, the 5th worse in team history. In those other four seasons, only once (2002) did KC actually make the playoffs.

This season for KC, though, was always going to come down to KC's home form this season. Only twice in the team's history have they had a losing record at home. KC though will need a season similar to 2008 where KC only lost twice at home. It's still going to be a rough run for KC this season, and I'm not ready to totally back off the statement I made last year that we are unlikely to make the playoffs. But I'm not ready to panic and worry about this team quite yet.


James said...

Another major positive is the high goal scoring -- if we could cut the number of goals we are conceding just marginally results should start following. Of course maintaining the goalscoring against good opposition is kind of a question mark, the only two decent teams we have played totally nullified our attack.

I honestly think we are a 10-12 rank team when all is said and done. Anyway - I was glad to see you using the stats, now I have all the data sorted I should be able to pull out any number of bits of info. If you ask, I'll try it might save you some time pouring over the same data in excel.

Frosty said...

You have just confirmed you have no clue about this sport. 18th place out of 18 teams is bad, bad enough to panic, bad enough to fire the coach. Being a die hard fan should not prevent you from seeing reality, but somehow it does.

Dan said...

18th place 6 games into the season, all on the road. And we're a team that historically bad on the road. How do you not expect to be around this position Frosty? Where did you expect us to be right now?

MOUF said...

I agree with James on where we rank. I do think we will be on the outside looking in though at the end of the season, maybe squeek into that last spot.

It will be an intresting discussion if Vermes should be canned if we do get one of those last playoff spots. To me, just below average basically every year isnt good enough.

Taking the table as chalk is a mistake, games played isnt even and home results vs away arent even. The thought that FO would fire the man basically in charge of everything soccer when we are opening the stadium in a month is laughable.

Anonymous said...

We all knew KC was going to be weak on defense, even with the new signings. And with injuries to key players, it's no surprise that the team has struggled. It doesn't make me feel any better about being the league's doormat, though.

Drew said...

I think Frosty should be cut some slack. In any other countries Vermes would have been sacked by now or stepped down. I think there is a complacency among KC fans. Is KC better now than when Onalfo was coach? No I don't think so. Lets not forget Vermes was technical director for KC when Onalfo was coach. He has been there since 2006 and KC have rarely looked like collecting a trophy. He has a say in the players that were brought in to the club since '06 nad it hasn't worked out.

Onalfo's record was 27-29-2 in two and a half season making the playoffs twice (in a league with less teams/talent), not great. Ignoring Vermes' record in 2009 as interim manager, he has gone 12-17-7. Not great either. Vermes has had too much influence on KC, and it hasn't worked in the five years he has been there. Yes, the defence has gotten better in last two-three matches; but I will continue to preach that a 4-4-3 isn't going to cut it with the pieces he has on the pitch. Despite the long homestand I still think KC will end outside of the playoffs. Their only hope is that 10-teams get in and they could sneak in. But I think the league is becoming too strong and as an original MLS team they are on the outside looking in, despite the fantastic new stadia.

Dan said...

and in no other country in the world Drew are we going to play 6 (currently, 10 overall) straight on the road.

Drew said...

Dan, understandable but it was ridiculous of the powers that be in KC to have the team play that many games on the road to begin with. I believe they could have tried harder than they led on to get matches in the KC area.
However, my point was that Vermes has been with KC in either the technical role or coaching role since '06 and the team has done little with him there. Most teams need to make changes to freshen up the team whether it be players or coaches every so often. Since Vermes joined KC they have: Not qualified for the playoffs, made the quarter finals, made the semi- finals, not qualified, not qualified.
I think KC should bring in Preki. A former KC great. Though he doesn't play attractive football he gets the team to play as a team and work together. He had some success with a limited Chivas USA squad and would have (possibly) taken TFC to the play-offs last season if he'd not been let go with Mo Johnston. Vermes has too much power.
I digress. I'm extremely negative towards this club, and I don't want to be; but I don't see them making the strides that Columbus and Houston have made this season.

Dan said...

My problem with Preki, Drew, is look at Chivas and Toronto's health record under Preki, they always seemed to be in some kind of injury crisis.

a voice of reason said...

I dont know who has the more laughable comments - Frosty or Drew...get a grip guys, for it's a long season and you need to have some patience...6 games of 30 tells us nothing about how it ends...remember Colorado are defending champions after all!!

I actually think Mike has shown some much needed perspective and maturity with this post...great job kuhnscoot, keep it up...your blog will only get better with this perspective.