Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wizards Take Down Sister Club

The Wizards got a dramatic winner against their sister club Atlas last night out at Community America Ballpark. Michael Kraus put in a rebound from an almost impossible angle after Atlas' keeper, Pedro Hernandez, blocked a shot by Nelson Pizarro in the 91st minute to give the Wizards the win.

The Wizards started almost the same team from the Open Cup game against Seattle, the only change was Pizarro replacing Kraus. The game was fairly even from the start, with the Wizards holding their own against the Mexican team. In the 37th minute, the Wizards got the break through, when Jonathan Leathers found Pizarro in the box. Pizarro turned on his defender and slotted the ball into the corner of the net to give KC the lead. After that point, the game started to turn a bit, as Atlas asserted themselves on the match. The Wizards were put on their heals, and right before the half ended, Atlas equalized off a corner, Ulises Mendivil as his header looped in. Tyson Wahl tried to clear it off the line but was too late.

In the second half, Atlas made almost full scale changes to the team and continued to have a good run of play. Boris Pardo and Ryan McMahen both came into the game at the half for Eric Kronberg and Kerry Zavagnin. Later in the half, Kraus came on for Jonathan Leathers, and right before stoppage time, Geoff Miles came in for Lance Watson. The final goal came when Kraus took a quick free kick to Pizarro after an Atlas handball.

Wizards Man of the Match - Nelson Pizarro - Pizarro really impressed me last night, he had a goal, and then got the first shot that set up the winning goal. He still needs some training, as he's a little to selfish (see his 2v2 break away against Seattle where he didn't play to the open Ryan Pore). Still, I see plenty of talent in him, and would love to see him make the bench for the first team and some first team minutes if possible.

Honorable Mention
- Chance Myers

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