Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OnGoal Sued for Sexual Harassment

The KC Star is reporting that a former employee of the Wizards and OnGoal is sueing the teams ownership group, executive vice president and general counsel, Greg Cotton, and Robert Thomson Jr, who is VP of marketing and communications.

Some of the claims brought against the ownership group by the former employee, Kathryn Carver, include:

•Cotton and Thomson would review the Facebook and MySpace sites of prospective female employees to determine whether they were “hot enough” to be hired.

•Cotton allegedly said of one employee, “She is the dumbest person I have ever met, but she is worth keeping around for the scenery.”

•Male employees held “drafts” of young female employees with whom they would want to have sex.

•During a team-sponsored trip to Las Vegas, Thomson told Carver she was “hot,” complimented her physical attributes and said he wanted to have sex with her, she alleged.

Some pretty big claims being made by the former Wizards employee, will be interesting to see what comes of this situation. Either way, this is not good news for the team. They say any publicity is good publicity, but this is definitely not the type of press that the team needs right now.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you made a minor reading comprehension error: According to the article, Greg Cotton is executive VP AND general counsel, and Thompson is VP of marketing and communications.

Mike said...

Sorry, it was late, I was half asleep when I posted. Thanks for the catch. Will correct.