Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to Columbus

The Wizards make their token appearance on ESPN tomorrow night when they travel to Columbus to take on the Crew. The Wizards are 0-2 against the Crew this year after dropping the first game in Columbus 2-1 and then being humbled at home 3-0 a few weeks ago. The Wizards come in on a four game unbeaten run in the league (2-0-2) and on a 6 game unbeaten run overall (3-0-3). The Crew lost either first game since early June last weekend when they lost 2-0 at Real Salt Lake. While the Wizards are trying to pull themselves out of the depths of the Eastern Conference, Columbus is looking to make a run on New England and the top spot in the East.

There will be some changes to the lineup from last week, as the Wizards no longer have Scott Sealy to play up top alongside Ivan Trujillo. Does that mean that Claudio Lopez moves back up top and either Lance Watson or Roger Espinoza takes his place on the left, or does someone like Ryan Pore step in up top next to Trujillo. Of those three options, I'd rather see Espinoza. Pore and Watson don't impress me that much. We all remember Espinoza's last performance in Columbus though, and you wonder if that's weighting on his and Onalfo's mind while deciding the line up.
Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Harrington
Arnaud - Victorine - Morsink - Espinoza
Trujillo - Lopez

PREDICTION - The Wizards need a win to pull themselves into the thick of the playoff race. Getting points in Columbus are going to be hard for them though. Someone is going to have to step up this game, and it really should be Lopez. Columbus is a good team, especially on attack, and the Wizards defense is going to have to play the way they have the last few to shut them down and give the Wizards a chance.

KC - 1 (Arnaud)
Cbus - 1 (Schelotto)

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