Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friendly Friday

Busy couple of days for the Wizards, as after tonight’s game against Red Bull New York, the Wizards will take on sister club Atlas tomorrow night, again out at Community America Ballpark. I’ve been disappointed in the timing of this match, as it keeps any regular first teamers from being able to play in this game due to the game tonight. That said, while quite a few people I know won’t be attending, I’ll still be out there to enjoy the game, as I’ve been calling for an international friendly for a few years now.

So don’t expect to see Jimmy Conrad, Kevin Hartman, Claudio Lopez, or other players that play the majority of the game tonight. Earlier this week, Onalfo mentioned that the lineup would likely be similar to the lineup from the Open Cup match against Seattle. Should that be true, then we’d see this lineup.

Leathers – McKenzie – Wahl – Marquess
Myers – Zavagnin – Espinoza – Watson
Pore – Kraus

You might ask, what about Wolff, you said he might play in this game. Well word from the press conference where he was announced today is that the team was told he could not play in any game until the window opened up. So don’t expect to see Josh Wolff play tomorrow night.

PREDICTIONS - The guys that the Wizards put out tomorrow night are going to be tired, many of them will have gone 120 minutes on Tuesday against Seattle in the Open Cup, and some will be getting minutes tonight as subs. That said, Atlas is still in preseason form, which should help the team out. In the end, though, this will be the Wizards reserves vs Atlas. Expect Atlas' starters to play at least a half in this game, as they did in Omaha against Red Fury FC. Depending on what Onalfo does, there won't be a lot of bench help for the Wizards either.

KC - 1 (Pore)
Atlas - 2 (Rergis, Mendivil)

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