Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raybould Moving Up

Former Wizards defender, Ryan Raybould looks to be moving up in the Swedish leagues. Raybould has moved from Sandvikens IF in the Swedish 4th division to Gefle IF to Allsvenskan, the Swedish first division. This is a big move for Raybould, and a move that seemed to be coming when he signed for the team, as he had a deal with Sandvikens to transfer to a higher club if they came calling.

According to the article I linked (thanks to a translation on BS) "Idag blev det klart" means it became official today. Congrats to Raybould on the move, it looks like he'll be competing for a spot on the outside back line for Gelfe, who finished 10th in the league in 2007.

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