Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Player of the Month

June is over, it's time to decide on June's Down the Byline Player of the Month. The Wizards were 1-1-2 in the month of June, scoring a total of 1 goal and getting 3 shutouts. There was also the draw in the US Open Cup qualifier that the Wizards won on PKs.

Really, I think the award comes down to two players, Kevin Hartman and Jimmy Conrad.

Hartman had 3 shutouts this month. In the 4 games, he had 19 saves and a goals against average of .75.

Conrad was the rock in the middle of the defense in front of Hartman. Conrad was also the man who challenged for the ball that ended up going in for the Wizards only league goal of the month.

And this month's Down the Byline Player of the Month is...

Captain Kansas City, Jimmy Conrad. While Hartman is just as responsible for the shutouts, Conrad has really helped to settle the Wizards' young back line. Congratulations to Conrad on the award.

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