Monday, July 28, 2008

A Set of Goose Eggs

Photo courtesy of Alan Hainkel (Caught Looking Photography)

Last night, the Wizards and the Chicago Fire played to a 0-0 draw that saw both teams have some decent chances and a few PK calls turned away. Throughout the game, it seemed that it was Chicago that had the better of the chances, as Wizards goalkeeper had to come up big on multiple occasions to keep Kansas City in the game. On the offensive end, the Wizards didn't really test Jon Busch as much, but they had their chances. A poor touch from Josh Wolff kept him from getting a good shot on frame against the Chicago keeper. The Wizards also had the strongest claim for a penalty, when a cross struck the arm of a Chicago defender. The foul was called, but placed outside the box. Replays showed that a case could easily be made for it being a penalty kick.

In the end, though, a draw was a fair result, as both teams had their chances, but neither one was able to get that big moment to win it. It's disappointing as well, cause the Wizards can't continue to keep getting draws, it's eventually going to bit them in the ass.

WIZARDS Man of the Match - Michael Harrington & Jack Jewsbury - Co-man of the match award for last night. These two seemed to draw the honor of marking Blanco all game. Harrington did such a good job on him in the first half, that Blanco switched sides to get away from the second year man. Moving to the other side wasn't much better, as Jewsbury was just as up to the challenge of shutting down the Mexican international.

Honorable Mention - Kevin Hartman


Anonymous said...

How can a professional sports team go game after game and not score a goal. After all isn't that the objective. Frankly, I'm tire of ties and especially 0-0 ties.

Anonymous said...

I watched the game on direct kick and could not stay awake. kc plays the most boring soccer. come on can't we do anything but send the long ball....