Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here Come the Fire

With the "all star break" over, the Wizards are back in action this Sunday against the Chicago Fire. Kansas City comes into the game unbeaten in their last 5 league matches, and have pulled themselves back into the playoff race, after looking like they'd struggle for the early part of the season. They're still the second lowest scoring team in the league, but their 3 goals against Columbus gives hope that they are getting out of that scoring funk. Chicago on the other hand actually comes in unbeaten in the last 4 league games. With Cuauhtemoc Blanco on their side, you can expect a sellout crowd easily for that game with plenty of people there fans of Blanco more so then the Fire.

The Wizards will likely still be without Carlos Marinelli, but everyone else should be healthy for this match. The question is whether Josh Wolff will get the start this week up front for the Wizards. I hope he does, as he's played two games (1 league, 1 reserve game) and has two goals.
Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Harrington
Arnaud - Morsink - Victorine - Espinoza
Wolff - Lopez

PREDICTION - This should be an exciting game with an exciting atmosphere, as along with the Blanco fans there, Section 8 will apparently be bringing about 50-60 people down for the game, which will help to create an intense atmosphere in the stands. With that, it should lead to a more exciting on the field product. Last year in KC was the dramatic 3-2 win by the Wizards, so will we see something similar this year? With the way the Wizards attacked against Columbus I'd expect to see the same type of attack from KC tomorrow.

KC - 2 (Lopez, Wolff)
Chi - 2 (Blanco, Mapp)

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