Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wizards Reserves Beat Memphis

Due to other commitments today, I was unable to make the reserve game this morning out at Swope Park. I did have a friend text me during the game though. The reserves defeated the University of Memphis 3-0 this morning. The only goal scorer I got right now is that the third goal was scored by Eloy Colombano. Hopefully Hillcrest Road will have a write up on the game soon.

UPDATE: While I was told it was 3-0, the University of Memphis report on the match says that it was 5-0.

UPDATE 2: According to a Wizards staffer posting on bigsoccer, the score was indeed 5-0, with Colombano getting 2 goals and Ryan Pore, Ivan Trujillo, and Ryan McMahen getting the other 3 goals. Hoping for a full report on Hillcrest Road sometime. Shows how much I should believe my friend huh?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the score.

Anonymous said...

U of M website said 5-0.