Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The game time for this weekends game against Colorado has been changed. The game, originally scheduled for 7 pm, has been moved to 4 pm now. Not entirely sure why, but I would guess it has something to do with KU playing in the Final Four that night.

UPDATE: The Rapids site has the game now listed at 3 pm Mountain time (4 central).

UPDATE 2: Hillcrest Road now has it up as well. My original assumption that it was changed to accommodate KU fans turns out to be correct.


Anonymous said...

It seems Hillcrest Road is blocking comments now.

Anonymous said...

then comment about it here, I'm sure Mike won't mind, whether you're for it or against it.

Personally I think it's a stupid idea, you alienate those people that have already planned their schedule around this game. Those that have already bought their tickets and didn't make a choice. I know a good 10 people who when I told this to them had to back out of going to the game, because they have youth soccer games or work commitments that will keep them from attending now.

Anonymous said...

what a joke. i am selling my season tickets. this prove our league and team are mickey mouse.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "i bleed blue", go ahead and sell your season tickets. Noone wants a floater as a supporter.
Maybe you didn't realize, but the final four is a pretty big deal, and even more so with KU in it. And Lawrence is not far from KC, and there is a ton of Jayhawk fans in KC.

The Wizards are my favorite team in any sport in America, but had I to choose between the second game of the season for the wizards, or to watch KU play UNC in the second to last basketball game of the season, I wouldn't think twice about which to pick. (though, I'm biased. I go to school at KU)

Anonymous said...

Jayhawker- Yhea you sound like a soccer fan. How is the soccer team in KU?

mphh no team huh?

Now, I don't think selling season tickets is another way to prove you are a fan.

But lets hope this is the las time they make this mistake.

As a soccer fan who has lived in and visited other SOCCER countries (Europe, South America). This illustrates why soccer gets no respect here. True soccer fans are passionate about their sport and will take this as an insult.

Anonymous said...

The women's soccer team is pretty decent...

Anonymous said...

8-11-3 ?