Thursday, April 10, 2008

KC Falls to Under Manned Revs

Missing at least four regular starters, the New England Revolution came into KC last night and handed the Wizards their first loss of the season, 3-1. Unlike the last two games, all the scoring came in the first half.

Things got off to a rough start, when in the 12th minute Tyson Wahl attempted to clear a free kick played into the box, as he did, though, he played it off of Jack Jewsbury and past Kevin Hartman for a 1-0 lead for the Revs. The Wizards started to fight back and had the majority of the ball, when in the 28th minute, Kurt Morsink was taken down in the box giving the Wizards a penalty kick. Jack Jewsbury stepped up and took the kick and leveled the game at one, beating Matt Reis. As they say in soccer, the next five minutes after a goal is scored is one of the most dangerous times, and the Revs proved it, when in the 33rd minute, Khano Smith broke down the right hand side and played the ball across to Sainey Nyassi unmarked on the back post, where he finished to give the Revs a 2-1 lead.

To make matters worse for the Wizards, in the 40th minute a free kick played into the box led to goal number 3 for the Revolution. Sharlie Joseph used his arm to help bring the ball down in the box and it found it's way to Kenny Mansally who scored past Hartman to make it 3-1. In the second half, Chance Myers replaced Michael Harrington at left back and the Wizards enjoyed the lion's share of possession as they went searching for the equalizer. Numerous chances were missed, including a ball played across the mouth of goal with nobody to finish it, and Carlos Marinelli volleying over from about 8 yards out.

Overall it was a poor effort from the Wizards, they looked like a team only coming off of a few days rest. It's not not going to get easier, as the reserves are "suppose to" (I say suppose to, because as I write this it's lightning outside) play the Revolution today, and then Saturday the Wizards are back in action against another injury depleted side in Houston.

Wizards Man of the Match - Jack Jewsbury - Made up for the own goal (that he probably knew nothing about) by putting away a PK and being all over the field as the Wizards tried to get back into the game. It was hard to pick a man of the match last night due to the poor play all around, so going with the goalscorer was my pick.


Anonymous said...

Wahl has claimed fault for the own goal, not Conrad.

Reepicheep said...

I think it was Morsink who got taken down for the PK. Anyways, I don't agree with Jewsbury as the man of the match, I thought he played poorly overall.

Lopez missed what should have been a sure goal in the first half when he was taken down or went down (hard to tell) right in front of the goalie. It looked like he could have stayed up but was tryin to draw a PK. Oh well. I actually thought Lopez hustled his butt off and made several nice playes. He put a ball right on Sealy's head in the first half, Scott just plain missed directing it in to the goal.

Harrington, who has played well, was way off, I can see why Myers came in. Espinoza didn't look very good either, but you have to get the young guys some time, I understand. I don't want to blame Hartman, but the last two games he has looked a touch off. Not saying those goals could have been stopped, just not sure all is right with him right now. Man did you see how far Reis can kick the ball? I never thought much of goal kicks until I saw him kick one with one bounce to Hartman.

It's hard to give a man of the match award in a lackluster game. I would lean toward Lopez. His non stop hustle and several nice serves makes me think this.

Anonymous said...

jack played better than lopez...lopez didnt hustle as well reepicheep says...he did hustle but he gave away some good chances to fight for the ball as well as sealy did and contiously does! sealy needs to be a sub at the 70 min mark to get some fresh legs in there and so he doesnt start becoming like EJ did and give up!

Reepicheep said...

KCdefender could be right, perhaps the #7 I saw bustin' tail was someone else. Hard to compare with a halfback though.

Jewsbury hustled, no doubt, but he made quite a few poor plays.

Hey, just goes to show how different people view the same event.

Anthony said...

One thing I think we can all agree on was the crap officiating! If we dig deep enough I'm sure we'll find the ref's name in Steve Nichols check register.

bfos said...

Even though I'm late, I agree that Jewsbury was the man of the match. He had as good of touch as I can remember seeing out of a KC midfielder in a long time. It's nice to actually see a midfielder other than Marineli who can put a ball on an attacking player's foot in the run of play.