Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Roster Movement

Another open tryout participant has signed with the Wizards. Kevin Souter, who was invited to go with the team down to Argentina after the open tryouts was signed today. To make room on the roster, 2nd round draft pick, Yomby William was waived. Souter joins Nelson Pizarro as two open tryout participants that have signed with the club.

Signing one player from the open tryouts would have been seen as a success, but signing two, the Wizards have to be extremely pleased with the first open tryouts in many years.

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Anonymous said...

i think the open tryouts proved that great talent doesn't have to come from big time D1 schools. Its great to see the Wiz gave these guys a shot. I am certain Souter can make an impact and looking forward to seeing him crack the lineup.