Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reserves Draw with New England

The Wizards reserves opened up their 2008 MLS reserve league season with a 2-2 draw with the Revolution today out at Swope Park. Ryan Pore and Geoff Miles, a guest player, scored the Wizards goals. Pore scored the opener in the 22nd minute on a curling cross that went through the box untouched, off the post and in. Argenis Fernandez equalized for the Revolution in the 30th minute. In the second half, the Revs took the lead, again through Fernandez, in the 69th. Miles scored the equalizer when he got onto a ball played across the middle from Michael Kraus after he had beaten his guy to the end line in the 81st minute.

The Wizards line up is now online from the game.
Eric Kronberg, Chance Myers (Yomby William 30), Rauwshan McKenzie, Aaron Hohlbein, Michael Kraus, Davy Arnaud (Amir Lowery 46), Ryan McMahen, Ryan Pore, Roger Espinoza (Geoff Miles* 30), Eloy Colombano (Josh Howard* 74), Ivan Trujillo (Andrew Wheeler* 60)


Anonymous said...

what time are the games at?

Mike said...

10 am usually I believe.

Full reserve schedule is here

Anonymous said...

I do not remember seeing Wahl play either. I got there real late in the first half so only the first few pictures are from the first half.

Alos, I thought there was a rule that the starters from the previous night could not play in the reserve game.

Mike said...

There is a rule, it's 120 minutes in a certain amount of time. I talked with someone with the Wizards, it was a mistake, it was Hohlbein starting instead of Wahl.