Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wizards Draw Champs

The Wizards ended their 4 game home stand to open the season with a 0-0 draw with the defending champion, Houston Dynamo. While the score finished 0-0, it was an exciting game. The Dynamo had the better of the chances though, Kevin Hartman had to make good saves on shots by Dwayne DeRosario and Brad Davis to preserve the shut out. Besides that, the Wizards back line of Michael Harrington, Jimmy Conrad, Tyson Wahl, and Chance Myers did a good job of shutting down the Dynamo attack.

On the other end of the field, the Wizards offense seemed to struggle a bit. They didn't really force Tony Caig to make too many saves. For a keeper that has allowed 6 goals in his 2 games played before last night, I had been expecting KC to pepper the goal with more shots. Overall, the story appears to be out again on the Wizards, foul them, disrupt their game play and you can stop them. The last two games, the Wizards have suffered 32 fouls. Like last year, it appears teams have learned that to stop the Wizards attacks, you foul them.

Wizards Man of the Match - Kevin Hartman - Made some very good saves on DeRosario and Davis to keep the game at 0-0, saves that he may not have made last year when he wasn't in the shape he is now, El Gato is definitely back.

Honorable Mention - Jimmy Conrad, Chance Myers


Reepicheep said...

I'm curious as to why:

1. Marinelli was yanked halfway through the first half. The move definitely impeded their offensive punch. He seemed frustrated with the clutching and grabbing, but Zavangnin and Morsink just don't do what he can do. It showed.

2. Why not pull Sealy for Trujillo at half time? Sealy, who I like alot, just wasn't "on".

Anonymous said...

Wasn't on?

you mean literally, as in how many times did they catch our forwards off side? Don't get me wrong, I understand that is a short field, but the should address it before next home game.

All and all, they AGAIN looked like the dominating team. I am very hopeful for a great season!

I agree with the sub call, maybe not a half but a lot earlier

Mike said...

Marinelli came out due to a groin strain.

Reepicheep said...

Dang, thanks Mike. That's bad news. I hope he's alright.

Marinelli healthy is a must for this team.

Anonymous said...

any reports on bad is it?

Mike said...

No update I've heard. I'm sure he'll be reevaluated tomorrow at training.

Anonymous said...

Mayers honorable mention? questinable, no doubt he did well but he stabbed a bit much, lucky for him he is fast.

Conrad should really be consider for the next US game