Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Road Trips

Today the Wizards begin their long 6 game road trip, the longest road trip in team history. You would think it'd be the longest road trip by a few games, but it's not. This road trip is only one game longer than the 5 game road trip the Wizards went on in the month of June, 2004. The Wizards were gone for less than a month, but played 5 games in that time, actually going undefeated on that trip, beating LA, CO, and New England, while drawing with Columbus and San Jose.

So how can the Wizards do on this 6 game road swing? Let's take a look.

@ Chicago - As I stated in my pregame, KC is not good in Chicago at all. Combine that with the fact that Chicago has looked like a pretty good team so far, I don't see the Wizards getting any points out of this game. (0 points)

@ Toronto - BMO Field has become a lot tougher place to play with the additions TFC have made. It'll be a tough place to get points for any team this year. I think the Wizards can just pull out a point here, though. (1 point)

@ Columbus - Columbus has looked very good earlier in the season, with a lot of young American talent around Schelotto. It'll be an interesting battle between him and Wizards Argentine forward, Claudio Lopez. (1 point)

@ New York - Playing on some of the worst turf in the league is always fun, and New York has always played us tough. With Juan Pablo Angel and Jozy Altidore, the Wizards defense will get a strong test. (1 point)

@ LA - The Galaxy just doesn't impress me at all, outside of Beckham and Donovan, there isn't much on that roster. By this time Ruiz may be back, but this is still the Wizards game to lose, especially with LA's weak back line. (3 points)

@ RSL - Ending the road trip at altitude, and a much improved RSL team, this will be hard to get the full 3 points off of. A lot in this match will depend on how the rest of the road trip is gone, but I'm going to be optimistic right now. (3 points)

So of a possible 18 points available for the Wizards on this road trip, I'm predicting they'll get half of them (9 points). Not a terrible result for the road trip, but not great. They'll have to take advantage of their home games from there on out.

Some good news for when the team returns, though. On their return home from that 5 game road trip in 2004, the Wizards promptly crushed Dallas 5-1.

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